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Kansas Jayhawks – Zone DHO Hi/Low

Here is a zone set play used by Kansas against UCONN in the Round of 32. Perry Ellis does a good job moving around to an open spot in the middle of the zone. Once Ellis gets the ball, the middle defender steps up leaving Lucas wide open at the rim. Read More »

A New Year’s Resolution

Did you join the 45% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution for 2016? As the second week of the new year comes to a close, are you sticking with your resolution(s)? If you’re a fan of Jon Gordon, you already know about the transformational powerful of having One Word. Naturally, our one word every year is Better. Our goal every season ... Read More »

March 6 – Pass to Win

Pass to Win

Passing Principles to Consider by Rick Torbett PASSING RULE AGAINST PLAYER-TO-PLAYER DEFENSE; ESPECIALLY IF YOUR OFFENSE IS USING A LOT OF OFF-THE-BALL SCREENING: RULE: Corners pass fast; Wings pass medium; Anywhere Up-Top pass slow WHY: Corner and Wing players are going to be using and setting the screens. When the ball is Up-Top, it can see the screening actions on ... Read More »