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Tribe Spotlight: Connecticut Attack – Parent/Coach Perspective

Author Note: A parent turned coach of a former player who wishes to remain anonymous has written this review of Coach Ulysses Garcia,  and the impact of the Read and React Offense being used at the CT Attack (Connecticut Attack) program.  Seven years ago Ulysses Garcia started coaching his oldest daughter’s sixth grade South Windsor travel team. Back then, and still today, ... Read More »

Skills without Drills – Part 9

Players: You want to bring something to the game – bring something to your team that can immediately affect the outcome of the game, but you don’t time to acquire a new skill like shooting, or point-guard-dribbling-abilities, or ten more pounds of muscle. These things take time – usually off-season time. What can you bring RIGHT NOW?! What can you ... Read More »

A New Year’s Resolution

Did you join the 45% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution for 2016? As the second week of the new year comes to a close, are you sticking with your resolution(s)? If you’re a fan of Jon Gordon, you already know about the transformational powerful of having One Word. Naturally, our one word every year is Better. Our goal every season ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Gwynedd Mercy University

This week on the Tribe Spotlight we are featuring Keith Mondillo, Head Women’s Basketball coach and Athletic Director at Gwynedd Mercy University. Gwynedd Mercy University is a small private University located 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. We are an NCAA Division III school which has 19 Intercollegiate programs that compete in the Colonial States Athletic Conference.  Our University students matriculate into ... Read More »

Absorbing Mistakes

In a previous post, I explained the difference between Spots and Positions. Spots are locations on the floor. Positions imply certain prerequisites that players must meet in order to play in certain locations on the floor. I also explained how our Spots allow players to start any action from anywhere with any player. You’ll never hear the phrase “set it ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Kiski Area Lady Cavaliers

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Nick Ionadi. Nick is the Kiski Area Senior High School head girls varsity basketball coach. I began coaching as an assistant coach on the boys’ side for 8 years. In 2011, I had an opportunity to work as a girls varsity assistant at Kiski Area Senior High School. When the job opened the next year, I ... Read More »

Set It Up?

When I use the term “Position-Less” to describe the Read & React, I’m not talking about positions on the floor. I’m talking about pigeon-holing players with terms like Point Guard, Two Guard, Strong Forward, Center, or the numbers 1-5. Read & React only needs players – not necessarily any “type” of player. Positions on the floor, something I call SPOTS ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Forbush Girl’s Basketball

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Forbush High School Varsity girl’s basketball coach Bradley Shore. When I started coaching, I coached one year of JV boys basketball, followed by 10 years of Middle School girls basketball. Our county then went from K-8 schools to K-6 and grades 7-8, as a result I was left without a team to coach. Thankfully, one ... Read More »