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Bouncing Back from Mistakes – Next Steps

Our friend and mental toughness coach Spencer Wood was kind enough to share the follow tips to overcoming mistakes. Errors are usually mechanical, tactical or mental. This is important to understand because a mechanical error involves motor mechanics (such as a golfer moving his/her head to early, or a basketball player not squaring his/her feet and hips to the basket and ... Read More »

Silencing a Negative Internal Voice

Thanks to Spencer Wood for sharing this helpful advice. As the season progresses, one common solution coaches must try to fix is silencing the negative voice inside of a players’ head. The quick response to this common problem among athletes from all sports is that an athlete must first identify the type of thoughts that most commonly occur for that ... Read More »

How to Select Captains

The following article was written by Spencer Wood. What is the best way to select a captain? Should the selection be under the control of the coach or should captains be selected through a team vote? Dear Coach: Your question was selected because it is a very common question among coaches. Though I have worked with teams who have had ... Read More »

Ideas to Impact your Team’s Key Leaders

Any seasoned coach will tell you that some of the most enjoyable experiences they ever had in coaching was when he/she coached a team with a number of mature leaders who raised the intensity of the entire team, consistently ‘set the bar’, encouraged teammates while holding others accountable, and led the team in the games that counted the most. Those ... Read More »

Quick Hitter – Team Chemistry Building

The following was shared to us by Spencer Wood. I recently received a great question from a coach who will have a large number of new players on the team this coming season and who needed a quick hitting idea to build chemistry on his team. A great team bonding exercise that I have used with many teams also teaches the ... Read More »

Coaching a Difficult/Selfish Player – Part 2

The following article comes to us courtesy of Spencer Wood and ICEBOX Performance. Don’t Miss Part 1 Almost every coach and athlete has at one time or another instructed and/or played with a selfish teammate. Even for individual sports (such as throwing events in track, non-relay running events, wrestling or singles tennis etc) a selfish teammate can ruin morale, poison the ... Read More »

Coaching a Difficult/Selfish Player – Part 1

The following article comes to us courtesy of Spencer Wood and ICEBOX Performance. Whenever dealing with a player who is not executing a request, team rule, skill, or play, I always divide the issues at hand into ‘can’t do’ and won’t do’ issues.   Can’t do issues are usually a physical skill deficiency or mental skill deficiency, or both, and are ... Read More »