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Basketball Positions vs Spots – Part 2

This 2 Part Full Timeout discusses the difference in basketball players designated by positions and spots. Positionless basketball allows you to absorb mistakes within that offense and keep going. Click here for Part 1! Positionless basketball is the future of basketball. In every play a player starts and ends in a spot, in the Read and React a player is ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: TC Hoops Basketball Club

Terry Helm is the owner and head coach at TC Hoops Basketball Club in Cape Girardeau, Missouri . We currently have 12 teams aging from 4th grade girls and boys to varsity level boys and girls . When Coach Helm took over the club, the previous coach that owned it before ran the dribble-drive exclusively. I wasn’t satisfied with the limitations that ... Read More »

One Punch Knockout

Often when I watch basketball on TV I feel like I need to take anxiety pills. Heck, my family won’t even watch games in the same room as me. One aspect of the game that drove me to create the Read & React Offense, is this notion that you must run false offense for a while before trying to score ... Read More »

Creating 5-on-4 Situations

Most coaches agree that if you can create more 5-on-4 situations than your opponent, then you stand a better chance of winning. At the same time, wouldn’t it be nice to simplify your offensive goal for your team? Have you ever had players ask you, “Coach, why are we Passing, Cutting, Dribbling-A,t and Feeding the Post and Cutting?” (Layers 1-3) ... Read More »

Read & React Team Camp at Adelphi

Rick is excited to be heading up to New York tomorrow for our first of its’ kind, Read & React Team Camp at Adelphi University.  The Read & React Team camp is going to be focused on the implementation of the R&R. This unique opportunity is ideal for High School, AAU or Travel Teams preparing to implement the R&R or further ... Read More »