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Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 4

  The last drill we will discuss and diagram in this series to help all players without the ball to learn the reaction habits they need, is called the “Click-Click-Boom” drill.   I picked up the terminology used and name for this drill while working with PGC Basketball – Essentials Course this past summer.  PGC Basketball does a fantastic job of delivering ... Read More »

Rehearsal: A Different Kind of Practice

I challenge you to try a different mode of practice. I’m assuming that you want your team to play a certain way – let’s assume it’s the Read & React. Then you must PRACTICE playing that way. I know that sounds obvious, but the word “Practice” has taken on a different meaning. It means Player Development and Scouting Walk-throughs, conditioning, ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Capital Eages

This week we are spotlighting Read & React coach Orville Godby who coaches the Capital Eagles. What I like best about the Read and React Offense is the equality it brings between players. Within the offense, everyone passes, dribbles, cuts and gets opportunities to score. It makes all 5 players important rather than having an offense center around a few players. ... Read More »

March 26: Court Vision: The Trained Eyes of a Head Coach (Part 1)

Several years ago Yahoo Sports wrote an article about Jason Kidd’s move to the bench, I thought a point raised would be the perfect topic to write about: How different a coaches vision is from a players’. As a potential future Hall of Fame point guard who spent 18 years in the NBA and winning an NBA Championship with the Dallas ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Robert E. Lee High School

This week we are featuring a Read & React State Champions Robert E. Lee High School, coached by Jeremy Hartman. In the summer of 2008, after my third year as the head coach of the girls’ basketball program at Robert E. Lee High in Staunton, VA, I knew something needed to change. We were making progress as a team but ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Bethel Christian Academy

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Bert Potter, Varsity Boy’s Basketball coach at Bethel Christian Academy (Kinston, NC). I first heard about the Read & React  from our former JV coach after he found the DVD’s online. I really enjoy teaching the Read & React because it simultaneously trains player and ball movement. As a result, our program’s offensive fundamentals are better than ever. Our players have really ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Covenant Academy

Covenant Academy (McMinnville, TN) head coach Ryan Smith shares his Read & React story in this weeks Tribe Spotlight. I was first introduced to the Read & React Offense when I was a high school coach at a public school. I was researching a more efficient offense that would fit my players and my program. I was running a motion offense with ... Read More »