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Tribe Spotlight: Read and Reach Coach Brad Cundiff

This Tribe Spotlight is very unique and the first of it’s kind, Rick Torbett was fortunate enough to film a 1-on-1 interview with a Read & React coach in his home state of Georgia. Brad Cundiff is the Boy’s Junior-Varsity basketball coach at the Kings Academy in Woodstock, GA. Brad shares his passion for the Read & React and why ... Read More »

Positionless Basketball Taking Hold in College

Rick breaks down an article written recently regarding the transition of college basketball to a positionless system similar to the Read and React. NBA and college players are becoming more dynamic than ever, so it’s important for coaches to follow suit and change the way they are running “plays”. You can read the entire article HERE! Click Here to Learn ... Read More »

Basketball Positions vs Spots – Part 1

In this Full Timeout, Rick discusses the difference in basketball players designated by positions and spots. Positionless basketball is the future of basketball. In every play a player starts and ends in a spot, in the Read and React a player is constantly changing spots looking for scoring opportunities. Click here to Learn MORE about Positionless Basketball!   Read More »

Read & React Boot Camp

Read & React Boot Camp

Installing the Entire Read & React in 5 Days Order now!            The Read & React Offense took over a year to produce and I’m pretty confident that I covered every detail of every layer of the offense. But regardless, I continue to hear the following question: “What is the best method for teaching the Read ... Read More »

3 Tweaks for Posts in 3 OUT

You can do anything you want with your post players as long as they react correctly to dribble penetration. We’ve said that before and it remains true. But, that leaves a lot of options. I thought it would be helpful to give you three that I would consider using if I had a 3 OUT team (or, if I had ... Read More »