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What I Learned From Coach T.J. Rosene’s First Practice

  Just a couple of days ago, I had the fortune of watching Coach TJ Rosene’s first practice for the 2016-2017 season. Coach Rosene is the head men’s coach of the Emmanuel College Lions basketball team.  Not everyone may be familiar with Coach Rosene, but his teams through the years have been featured on Better Basketball videos and he has enjoyed tremendous ... Read More »

Mastering Timeouts

At a recent PGC clinic, (PGC) President Mano Watsa shared his philosophy on timeouts. Mano believes that timeouts should be treated like a sandwich. I. Bread Bread is the foundation of your sandwich so that should be your initial focus. Many times coaches use timeouts to vent their frustration. Instead, use it to offer positive words of encouragement to your ... Read More »

Capitalizing in Transition – RACECAR

Recently at a PGC/Glazier coaching clinic, PGC’s Tyler Coston spoke on Capitalizing in Transition and used the acronym, RACECAR. RACECAR R ace the ball A rch to arch C ontrol (Race does not mean Rush) – Dynamic quick stop – “Time enough to say no” – “What would have been a better play?” C leverness = Opportunism A rrum’s = Geting defenders in the air ... Read More »

March 4: Florida Gators’ Press Defense

The following article is taken from current Florida Gators Assistant Coach Matt McCall‘s lecture at PGC’s 2014 Clinic in Atlanta. To press, you must be committed to it and work on it every day! Always put your most athletic player on the ball (That won’t wear down/get tired) 2 Objectives to Accomplish Make fatigue a factor (Don’t have to create Turnovers, just ... Read More »

25 Attributes to Coaching

This past Fall I listened to Georgia Regents Men’s Basketball coach Dip Metress speak at the PGC Basketball Clinic in Atlanta, GA. Dip presented his 25 Attributes to Coaching. They were so good we had to share them with you! 25 Attributes to Coaching Go watch as many teams practice as you can Start practice on time Have a practice plan…but don’t be afraid to alter ... Read More »

Know Yourself As A Coach

In September I was fortunate to listen to Tennessee-Chattanooga Head Coach Will Wade speak at a PGC clinic in Atlanta. Before his presentation, he talked about some books that he and his staff read on a regular basis, Know Yourself As A Coach by Denny Kuiper was one of those books. At the conclusion of his presentation, I went up to my hotel room and ordered ... Read More »

3 Tips for Defending Ballscreens

On a recent Hardwood Hustle Podcast, PGC’s Tyler Coston discussed three effective tips to defending ballscreens. These simple ideas can be very effective at any level, but especially at the high school level. 1. If ball handler using the ballscreen isn’t a threatening force on the floor, do not even guard the ball screen. Meaning the player defending the ball ... Read More »

3 Tips to Become a Better Defender

Our friends at PGC do a phenomenal job at breaking down skills and providing efficient ways to improve your overall game. Recently during one of their Halftime Talks of the Hardwood Hustle Basketball Podcast, PGC’s Tyler Coston listed out three tips to becoming a better on the ball defender. Live in the Bubble The “bubble” is the space around the ... Read More »