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How to Select Captains

The following article was written by Spencer Wood. What is the best way to select a captain? Should the selection be under the control of the coach or should captains be selected through a team vote? Dear Coach: Your question was selected because it is a very common question among coaches. Though I have worked with teams who have had ... Read More »

Ideas to Impact your Team’s Key Leaders

Any seasoned coach will tell you that some of the most enjoyable experiences they ever had in coaching was when he/she coached a team with a number of mature leaders who raised the intensity of the entire team, consistently ‘set the bar’, encouraged teammates while holding others accountable, and led the team in the games that counted the most. Those ... Read More »

8 Steps to Reverse a Negative Culture

Courtesy of Inc.com. In football, when a new leader gets hired, it’s usually because his predecessor wasn’t successful. Here’s what Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells has learned about entering a losing situation, and turning it around. How can one new leader enter a losing culture and turn it around? The question cuts to the heart of leadership itself, since ... Read More »

4 Leadership Styles that Trigger Peak Performance

John C. Maxwell recently shared this post on his ‘Leadership Wired Blog’ and it is phenomenal, enjoy! Most teams don’t naturally get better on their own. Left alone, they don’t grow, improve, or reach championship caliber. Instead, they tend to wind down. The road to the next level is always uphill, and if a team isn’t intentionally fighting to move ... Read More »

The Power of Positive Coaching

Our friend Jon Gordon recently shared an article on the power of being a positive teacher. As basketball coaches, we must view ourselves as teachers on and off the court. When I look back to who has impacted me the most in my life, besides my parents, are my teachers and coaches. Coincidentally both of my parents were teachers and my ... Read More »

Shooters and Leaders

When it comes to youth and high school basketball in the United States, I have two more groups to add to the Endangered Species list: Shooters and leaders Do you want to increase your chances of making the team next year? Do you want to earn more playing time? Do you want to play basketball in college? Then become a ... Read More »

Leadership within USA Basketball

Last year several prominent college basketball coaches joined together to form the USA Basketball Leadership Council. The following Q/A illustrates how many of the best minds in the game view leadership. WHAT IS TOP LEADERSHIP LESSON YOU’VE LEARNED? GINO AURIEMMA: I can’t control what I can’t control. I can prepare my players and spend a lot of time to be ... Read More »

Coach K: Importance of Leadership and Teamwork

Duke and USA National Team Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke to a group of Army officers and soldiers several years ago at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. While the video is over an hour and a half long, it is full of off the chart material and I am going to share one very cool concept he used to emphasize teamwork with ... Read More »