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22 Tips to Coach Today’s Players

Players today are different from they were when I was growing up… and I’m not even that old. I know every generation says that… but it’s true. One of the biggest changes to our society as a whole has been technology… more specifically the internet… and even more specifically… mobile smartphones and social media. What does that have to do ... Read More »

61 Traits of Great Coaches

I am eternally thankful to have learned from (and continue to learn from) so many great coaches. I am honored to be a part of the coaching fraternity. Being a great coach takes the commitment to ‘work on your craft’ every day. Below is a list of the 61 traits that great coaches model every day… on and off the ... Read More »

March 26: Court Vision: The Trained Eyes of a Head Coach (Part 1)

Several years ago Yahoo Sports wrote an article about Jason Kidd’s move to the bench, I thought a point raised would be the perfect topic to write about: How different a coaches vision is from a players’. As a potential future Hall of Fame point guard who spent 18 years in the NBA and winning an NBA Championship with the Dallas ... Read More »

Creating a Great Bench with George Raveling

Current Nike Executive and former long-time college basketball coach George Raveling discusses a coach’s responsibilities and developing a more productive bench. Below are 10 items your bench MUST possess! THE BENCH MUST POCESS Shared VISION Shared GOALS Shared MISSION Shared RESPONSIBILITIES Shared APPROACHES Shared COMMITTMENT Shared UNDERSTANDING Shared ROLES Shared TRUST Shared PARTICIPATION Read More »