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14 Bench Rules

While the five starters usually get most of the headlines and shine, in order for a team to maximize it’s true potential…it has to continually develop and maximize the other 10 players on the team. Bench players play an integral role in any team’s success. I’ve been fortunate to sit at the end of the bench at two nationally renowned ... Read More »

Film Breakdown Part 3: Individual Player Meetings

In my 3rd and final segment of Film Breakdown, I am going to discuss my thoughts on the important aspect of watching film with your players individually. If you happened to miss Part 1 or Part 2, click over and check them out. Meeting with your players on an individual basis is just as, if not more important than bringing in your entire ... Read More »

61 Traits of Great Coaches

I am eternally thankful to have learned from (and continue to learn from) so many great coaches. I am honored to be a part of the coaching fraternity. Being a great coach takes the commitment to ‘work on your craft’ every day. Below is a list of the 61 traits that great coaches model every day… on and off the ... Read More »

The Power of Positive Coaching

Our friend Jon Gordon recently shared an article on the power of being a positive teacher. As basketball coaches, we must view ourselves as teachers on and off the court. When I look back to who has impacted me the most in my life, besides my parents, are my teachers and coaches. Coincidentally both of my parents were teachers and my ... Read More »

Absorbing Mistakes

In a previous post, I explained the difference between Spots and Positions. Spots are locations on the floor. Positions imply certain prerequisites that players must meet in order to play in certain locations on the floor. I also explained how our Spots allow players to start any action from anywhere with any player. You’ll never hear the phrase “set it ... Read More »

Tribe Spotlight: Forbush Girl’s Basketball

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Forbush High School Varsity girl’s basketball coach Bradley Shore. When I started coaching, I coached one year of JV boys basketball, followed by 10 years of Middle School girls basketball. Our county then went from K-8 schools to K-6 and grades 7-8, as a result I was left without a team to coach. Thankfully, one ... Read More »

3 Kinds of Love

This past Sunday our entire family returned to church for the first time since our 2nd daughter was born in February (our 2-year-old and I have been going just by ourselves). This was also the first Sunday I have been home in over a month so I was beyond exuberant to get another opportunity to listen to our minister, Randy ... Read More »