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14 Bench Rules

While the five starters usually get most of the headlines and shine, in order for a team to maximize it’s true potential…it has to continually develop and maximize the other 10 players on the team. Bench players play an integral role in any team’s success. I’ve been fortunate to sit at the end of the bench at two nationally renowned ... Read More »

22 Tips to Coach Today’s Players

Players today are different from they were when I was growing up… and I’m not even that old. I know every generation says that… but it’s true. One of the biggest changes to our society as a whole has been technology… more specifically the internet… and even more specifically… mobile smartphones and social media. What does that have to do ... Read More »

Indiana Hoosiers – Pistol Flare

Indiana took a page out of the playbook of many NBA teams by running this set early against the Mocs in the NCAA tournament. What makes this action so hard to guard is the quick timing of the handoff to ballscreen, all while the offense is flying down in transition. Read More »