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Tribe Spotlight: Connecticut Attack – Parent/Coach Perspective

Author Note: A parent turned coach of a former player who wishes to remain anonymous has written this review of Coach Ulysses Garcia,  and the impact of the Read and React Offense being used at the CT Attack (Connecticut Attack) program.  Seven years ago Ulysses Garcia started coaching his oldest daughter’s sixth grade South Windsor travel team. Back then, and still today, ... Read More »

Read & React Success! Coach Doug Holden Part 1

I love sharing success stories about the impact of The Read & React Offense! Here’s the first of two parts from Coach Douglas Holden – Mohonasen Girls Basketball. Thanks for sharing, Coach!! – Rick QUESTION #1: How and where did you first hear about the Read & React? “Basically as the Assistant Head coach for the past 2 seasons – ... Read More »

13 Ways to Build a Winning Culture

Successful programs have created a palpable culture, sound habits and high standards: Program > Team > Player Players and coaches talk to each other, not at each other. Big difference. No one is perfect. Mistakes will happen on and off the court. Learn from them. Every player and every coach is important to the team and plays a role. Respect ... Read More »

North Carolina Tar Heels – Drag Motion

North Carolina used this play against Indiana in the Sweet 16. It is a hard play to guard because of the various actions occurring. The initial back screen off of the ball screen roll (Spain action) can often open up a lob. If that isn’t there, they look for a staggered shot on the left side. Read More »

3 Keys to Success

Talent, luck and persistence – pick any two to achieve true success. Talent To some degree, what most people refer to as ‘talent’ is nothing more than passion. If you love to do something… you will do it every chance you can. And the more you do it, the better you get. Now obviously there are several uncontrollable factors that ... Read More »

5 PIECEs to Every Workout

I realize the landscape of youth and high school basketball has changed drastically over the past 20 years and that players don’t really have a true ‘off-season’ anymore. While my prescriptions for each have been severely modified over the last decade, I still choose to divide the calendar year into 3 phases based on the typical high school season in ... Read More »