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A New Year’s Resolution

Did you join the 45% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution for 2016? As the second week of the new year comes to a close, are you sticking with your resolution(s)? If you’re a fan of Jon Gordon, you already know about the transformational powerful of having One Word. Naturally, our one word every year is Better. Our goal every season ... Read More »

March 22: Transition Offense & Attacking from the Arc

Several years ago University of Florida head coach Billy Donovan spoke on how the Gators Utilize the 3-Point Shot vs Man and Zone Defenses. Below is a small portion of his lecture: We try to gain an advantage at the three-point line by creating situations offensively by using it and by taking it away defensively. In order to accomplish this ... Read More »

Five Favorite Shooting Drills from Drew Hanlen

Today we are featuring five of our favorite drills from Drew Hanlen’s 50 Shoot Drills on Video on Demand! 7 Drill This drill is done with a 2 players, 1 shooter and 1 rebounder. The shooters starts at the elbow with a score of 7. They must sprint to the opposite sideline and run in for a catch & shoot ... Read More »

14 Things Great Shooters Do

In my opinion, truly great shooters will soon be on the World Wildlife Federation’s Endangered Species list. Players at every level are getting better and better at scoring… but pure shooters are a dying bread. If you want to play more minutes or to play at the next level, shooting is one skill that every team needs and every coach ... Read More »