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Player Development is Not a Circus

The game of basketball is something I absolutely love, cherish, and see heading down a scary path. Basketball is at an all-time high in terms of popularity and growth around the world. Unfortunately, the number of ‘skilled’ basketball players is exponentially decreasing. Fans and young players today marvel at the athleticism of today’s players, heck I even do.  But it is actually ... Read More »

Hardwood Hustle Podcast: How to Coach the Un-Coachable

Hardwood Hustle

In this episode of the Hardwood Hustle Basketball Podcast, Alan Stein (Stronger Team) and Adam Bradley (Ball Hogs Radio) explore coaching players that are very, very difficult. They dive into questions such as: How much to you tolerate? What is acceptable vs. non-negotiable? What is understandable vs. unacceptable? Listen Now     Read More »

March 3: Look in the Mirror – Part 2

NOTE: this is a follow-up post to Look in the Mirror (Part 1). Most people postpone personal development in November and December and wait to make New Year’s Resolutions. Most players postpone improving their game in February and March and wait to get better in the off-season. But why wait?  Why not get better now? Whether you have one week left in ... Read More »