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Championship Culture

To win a championship, you must have a championship culture. You must have your entire program, both players and coaches, fully committed to upholding standards of excellence… every day. Culture is about doing what is right… regardless of who is watching. Culture is about holding each other accountable. Culture is about ‘we’ being greater than ‘me.’ The Duke Blue Devils ... Read More »

6 Thing You Should Do Every Practice

There is an old adage that you ‘play the way you practice.’ So here are are 6 things you should do every single practice: Have a detailed practice plan Go through a proper movement based warm-up Spend time on skills and fundamentals (ball handling, passing, shooting, etc.) Teach a specific aspect of the game Emphasize the 4 C’s: Communication Competition ... Read More »

Grit is a Key to Success

Grit [grit] Noun Courage and resolve; strength of character In order to truly be successful on the court… you have to have grit. Passion, self-belief and practice will only get you so far. Grit is relentlessness. Grit is resiliency. Grit is perseverance. Grit is determination. Grit means you will put in hard work after you finish the hard work you ... Read More »

8 Momentum Building Plays

Basketball is a game of runs. It is a game of momentum. And a shift in momentum can happen in a few seconds. Here are 8 plays that can continue, or shift, momentum in your favor instantaneously: Taking a charge Diving for a loose ball Committing a hard foul Setting a hard screen Blocking a shot Throwing down a dunk Delivering an assist ... Read More »

No Guarantee

One of the toughest things to deal with as an adult is the concept that nothing in life is guaranteed. This concept of “nothing being guaranteed” is evident in sports. Jim Valvano, the iconic former coach of NC State and one of my all-time favorite motivational speakers, once said something to the effect of: “Just because you work hard doesn’t ... Read More »

Maintaining a Championship Mindset

When the season first starts, every team is in the championship hunt. Every team sets their eyes on the final prize – winning a championship and being crowned #1. However, now that most of us have reached the halfway point in our season, conference/district play is ramping up and the pressure to win is increasing game by game. It is essential ... Read More »

Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is your enemy. Your comfort zone makes you soft. Your comfort zone makes you complacent. If you want to maximize your ability, on and off the court, you must learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to consistently (and intentionally) step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You must embrace obstacles and challenges. ... Read More »

44 Traits of Great Players

I have spent a ton of time, up close and personal, observing truly great players – guys like LeBron, KD, CP3 and Stephen Curry. Below is a list of the characteristics great players showcase every day… in every practice and in every game. You know my favorite part about this list? Every trait on this list is 100% controllable! They ... Read More »