Player Development

Building the Complete Player

I realize that a small percentage of high school programs across the country are fortunate enough to still be playing… and in the hunt for a conference, district or state championship. For those that are, I wish you a healthy and successful end to your season. I hope you can get that ring and hang that banner! For those of ... Read More »

March 3: Look in the Mirror – Part 2

NOTE: this is a follow-up post to Look in the Mirror (Part 1). Most people postpone personal development in November and December and wait to make New Year’s Resolutions. Most players postpone improving their game in February and March and wait to get better in the off-season. But why wait?  Why not get better now? Whether you have one week left in ... Read More »

Look in the Mirror – Part 1

It’s the 1st week of February.  Have you stuck with the New Year’s resolutions you so confidently set for yourself about a month ago?  If you are being honest with yourself, you probably haven’t.  Statistics show most folks begin to fade off course by the 3rd week of January. While I love the enthusiasm and optimism that surrounds them, I never make New Year’s resolutions. And ... Read More »

5 Tips to Coaching Youth Basketball

It is said time after time that our youth is the future; unfortunately our youth today are so consumed with television, video games,  and social media that they are learning poor habits earlier and earlier. I will give you an example, I was working a camp recently in which a player was in charge of the lay-up station. I looked over and ... Read More »

Pure Sweat Basketball Combo Drill

As we continue to countdown to the Pure Sweat Basketball Clinic that is just 11 days away in St. Louis, Missouri, here is another great drill from Drew Hanlen himself. Set Up: Two ball handlers will start with balls near the 28-foot marks in adjacent corners. Two passers will start in adjacent corners opposite of the ball handlers. Two defenders ... Read More »

Pure Sweat Basketball 2 vs 1 Continuous Box Drill

The Pure Sweat Basketball Coaches Clinic is creeping closer. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind learning event September 26-27, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri. Here is another drill from Drew Hanlen to give you a taste of what Pure Sweat has to offer! Set Up: Two offensive players from the Black Team will start at half-court, while a ... Read More »

Pure Sweat Basketball 1 vs 2 Drill

The Pure Sweat Basketball Coaches Clinic is a month away, September 26-27 in St. Louis, Missouri! Here is a sneak peak of some of the things Drew Hanlen will be teaching over the two day session. Set Up: Coach will start with the ball on the wing and will be pressured by a defender. The offensive player and the defender ... Read More »

14 Things Great Shooters Do

In my opinion, truly great shooters will soon be on the World Wildlife Federation’s Endangered Species list. Players at every level are getting better and better at scoring… but pure shooters are a dying bread. If you want to play more minutes or to play at the next level, shooting is one skill that every team needs and every coach ... Read More »