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INDIANA STATE CHAMPS: Liberty Christian Boys HS

Here’s another READ & REACT OFFENSE SUCCESS STORY from Liberty Christian High School, a non-denominational Christian school located in Anderson, Indiana! I’ve always felt like “success begets success” and this story is a good illustration! It’s also a great illustration of the power and impact of good coaches! From: Ryan Jackson – Assistant Boys and Head Girls Coach We introduced ... Read More »

Program-Wide Read & React Success!

I love sharing success stories about the impact of The Read & React Offense! Here’s what Coach Fred Bryant – Newberry Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach had to share. This is a great example of what happens when the Read & React is implemented system-wide, then coupled with teaching, commitment and perseverance from the coaching staff. Great job and thanks ... Read More »

8 Momentum Building Plays

Basketball is a game of runs. It is a game of momentum. And a shift in momentum can happen in a few seconds. Here are 8 plays that can continue, or shift, momentum in your favor instantaneously: Taking a charge Diving for a loose ball Committing a hard foul Setting a hard screen Blocking a shot Throwing down a dunk Delivering an assist ... Read More »

How to Select Captains

The following article was written by Spencer Wood. What is the best way to select a captain? Should the selection be under the control of the coach or should captains be selected through a team vote? Dear Coach: Your question was selected because it is a very common question among coaches. Though I have worked with teams who have had ... Read More »

16 Rules for Basketball Parents

As both a coach and a father, I want to offer my 16 Rules for Basketball Parents: Parents… you must embrace the fact that this is your child’s journey – not yours. Do not live vicariously through them. Put your focus on being a supportive and encouraging Parents… it’s true. Coaches do play favorites. They favor players who give the ... Read More »

How are you measuring success?

In today’s ever competitive sports world, programs and more so coaches, are being measured only by their level of success on the court. Yet wins and losses should only be a very small part of how a program’s success is viewed. Recently I listened to Embry-Riddle’s head men’s basketball coach Steve Ridder speak on this topic. Ridder was formerly the Director of ... Read More »

Coaches’ Code of Conduct

The following article was shared to us by Mitch Cole from Texas A&M Men’s Basketball and are excerpts from Joe Ehrmann’s book, Inside Out Coaching. In contrast to coaches who are merely “transactional” (those who use the players merely to achieve the coach’s goals), Ehrmann hopes to equip coaches to be “transformational coaches,” those who strengthen, uplift, and influence their ... Read More »

Coaching a Difficult/Selfish Player – Part 2

The following article comes to us courtesy of Spencer Wood and ICEBOX Performance. Don’t Miss Part 1 Almost every coach and athlete has at one time or another instructed and/or played with a selfish teammate. Even for individual sports (such as throwing events in track, non-relay running events, wrestling or singles tennis etc) a selfish teammate can ruin morale, poison the ... Read More »