March Madness Extravaganza

March 31 – Reducing Turnovers

Reducing Turnovers

Breaking Down Game Film – Turnovers by Rick Torbett Breaking down game film (especially in the off season) is a great way to chart trends, find correctible errors, and generally understand your team on more intimate level – there are just some things that you can’t accurately judge (or see for that matter) in the heat of the game. *Editors ... Read More »

March 30 – Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

3-Step Formula for Gaining Confidence & Getting Things Done by Dick DeVenzio Anytime you have something to do, it feels good to have a method or formula that you can count on – a foolproof scheme that cannot be denied. When you have it, suddenly you have the terrific ingredient so often talked about: confidence. How do you get confidence? ... Read More »

March 29 – Bounce Off & Be Clever

Bounce Off & Be Clever

Bounce Off & Be Clever Workout by Rick Torbett Whenever a player tries to dribble penetrate and gets stopped or simply doesn’t like what he or she sees, then I train them to Bounce Off, that is, keep your dribble and simply back-out to the perimeter. This came out of Read & React Layer 4 Dribble Penetration Circle Movement, but ... Read More »

March 28 – Hitting the Glass

Hitting the Glass

Rebounding out of the Read & React by Rick Torbett As a follow-up to the article on Spacing & Rebounding, let’s look at the 5 OUT formation and players’ positions when a shot is taken. Example 1: The Point Player drives to the goal. (It could be any of the 5 players). Layer 4 Circle Movement would send the wing ... Read More »

March 27 – Don’t Stop

Don't Stop

Stronger Team 60,000 lbs in 60 Minutes Challenge by Alan Stein While March is the Mecca of college basketball, it usually signifies the beginning of the off-season for high school players and teams.  Whether you won it all, or your season ended too short, March is the time to start preparing for next season. Here is a killer strength challenge ... Read More »

March 26 – Read & React Pet Peeves

Cow Looking at a New Gate

Misunderstood Spacing of the Read & React by Rick Torbett Whenever I find myself in a conversation about my favorite subject: the Read & React (Are you surprised?), I will invariably talk about the 3 possible formations: 5 OUT, 4 OUT 1 IN, and 3 OUT 2 IN. My listeners will make some telling comments like: “5 OUT does not ... Read More »

March 25 – In Like a Lion


Coach TJ Rosene and the Emmanuel College Lions advanced to the NAIA D1 Men’s National Championship with a 76-72 victory over MidAmerica Nazarene yesterday! Here are some video clips from the end of the game: The Lions (33-3) advance to their first-ever national championship game. You can watch the National Championship Game live on ESPN3 (click here for details) at 8:02pm ... Read More »