March Madness Extravaganza

March 27: Championship Standards


Coach K doesn’t really believe in rules and he isn’t much for setting goals. Huh? What? Coach K believes in Standards. Powerful distinction. Rules confine people and put them in a box. Goals are often out of our direct control. Standards are an effective way to hold people accountable to the process necessary to achieve success. I recently received a ... Read More »

March 26: Court Vision: The Trained Eyes of a Head Coach (Part 1)


Several years ago Yahoo Sports wrote an article about Jason Kidd’s move to the bench, I thought a point raised would be the perfect topic to write about: How different a coaches vision is from a players’. As a potential future Hall of Fame point guard who spent 18 years in the NBA and winning an NBA Championship with the Dallas ... Read More »

March 25: Man-to-Man Defense: Staying on the White Line


Too often when you tell players to “get on the line”, their chins fall to their chests and they let out a big sigh; because typically this means they must run an up and back or a suicide. Fortunately, this is NOT the type of line I am talking about. This line refers to defensive principles. This is one of the ... Read More »

March 24: 8 Ways to Keep Developing as a Coach


The following article was shared by Coach Randy Brown. “What are you doing to continue your development as a coach?” We are always promoting work ethic and skill improvement to our players. The coach must also remember that they must continue to work and improve as well. Below is a list of 8 things coaches can do to help themselves ... Read More »

March 22: Transition Offense & Attacking from the Arc


Several years ago University of Florida head coach Billy Donovan spoke on how the Gators Utilize the 3-Point Shot vs Man and Zone Defenses. Below is a small portion of his lecture: We try to gain an advantage at the three-point line by creating situations offensively by using it and by taking it away defensively. In order to accomplish this ... Read More »

March 21: Standards vs Rules


The first time I really heard the discussion of Standards vs Rules was when I read Coach K’s book documenting his USA Basketball experience, The Gold Standard. Upon reading his book the high school program I coach immediately established player-defined standards. I think that it is vital for any great program to have a set of Standards. Many teams establish “rules”. However, rules by definition regulate what ... Read More »

March 20: Developing the Read & React Player

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.34.59 AM

This is a new series of videos we have released that take you through Player Development one layer at a time. Read & React players and coaches love it! For those players and coaches not running the Read & React, you will still benefit from this course. Here’s why: The Read & React is a positionless system that teaches players how ... Read More »