Drills and Practice

Enhanced Communication Using 3-0 Read and React Drills

At a summer Read and React coaches meeting in Atlanta, during a topic on communication, Rich Cassella of Wagner University described a series of 3-0 Read and React Drills that he has used to build up offensive communication for the players he was worked with.  He has graciously agreed to share those in this post.  Thank you Rich! – Rick 3 on 0 Read ... Read More »

6 Thing You Should Do Every Practice

There is an old adage that you ‘play the way you practice.’ So here are are 6 things you should do every single practice: Have a detailed practice plan Go through a proper movement based warm-up Spend time on skills and fundamentals (ball handling, passing, shooting, etc.) Teach a specific aspect of the game Emphasize the 4 C’s: Communication Competition ... Read More »

Practice Planning Ideas

The following article is courtesy of Texas A&M Special Assistant Mitch Cole. Mitch shares some fantastic basketball ideas in his basketball newsletter. Most of you are approaching the time of year when planning your practices becomes one of the most important action items in your day. If you are a new head coach, your mind can spin into a hundred different directions ... Read More »

7 Ideas for the Pre-Season

The following article comes from Texas A&M men’s basketball Special Assistant, Mitch Cole. *Most of you already have a plan and have begun the pre-practice season, but below are some areas in which coaches can prepare players both physically and mentally for the start of practice: PRE-TEST MEASUREMENTS/ POST TEST GOALS Testing each athlete’s Speed, Quickness, Agility, Strength, Power, and Conditioning level before starting ... Read More »

4 Drills to Become An Effective Pressing Team

Circle Trap The Circle Trap drill is one of the best drills to not only teach your offensive players how to handle traps under pressure, but it also teaches your defense how to trap without fouling. Offensively teach your players to be strong with the ball and how to create space. This drill also enforces the term “Fake a Pass ... Read More »

Playing 3-on-3 for Player Development

The following article was shared to us by Coach Randy Brown. Randy does a tremendous job sharing various elements of the game in his email newsletter. As we are in the “off-season” improvement time, consider incorporating 3 on 3 as the anchor to your approach. Here are some ideas on how to maximize 3-on-3 in your workouts: Give 3 on 3 some ... Read More »

Recharge your Batteries with Off-Season Ballhandling

Once the season is over, most players want to take a little time, perhaps a few days at most, to recuperate from the daily practice and game schedule. But once a player has “unwound”, how does he or she recover the love and joy of basketball that will propel them to get better in the off-season? I have a suggestion: ... Read More »

Five Favorite Shooting Drills from Drew Hanlen

Today we are featuring five of our favorite drills from Drew Hanlen’s 50 Shoot Drills on Video on Demand! 7 Drill This drill is done with a 2 players, 1 shooter and 1 rebounder. The shooters starts at the elbow with a score of 7. They must sprint to the opposite sideline and run in for a catch & shoot ... Read More »