Coaching the Read & React

History of the Read and React Basketball Offense

Read & React

This video takes you through the timeline of how I created the Read & React Offense nearly 20 years ago. My assistant coach at the time sparked the idea of creating a system of positionless basketball to keep your 5 BEST players on the floor. Watch below for the full timeline of how the Read & React came to be the ... Read More »

Positionless Basketball Taking Hold in College

Rick breaks down an article written recently regarding the transition of college basketball to a positionless system similar to the Read and React. NBA and college players are becoming more dynamic than ever, so it’s important for coaches to follow suit and change the way they are running “plays”. You can read the entire article HERE! Click Here to Learn ... Read More »

Misunderstood Spacing of the Read & React

Whenever I find myself in a conversation about my favorite subject: the Read & React, I will invariably talk about the 3 possible formations: 5 Out, 4 Out 1 In, and 3 Out 2 In. My listeners will make some telling comments like: “5 Out does not have an inside threat…” “I’m worried about spacing when using 5 Out, etc,…” “How do you rebound ... Read More »

One Punch Knockout

Often when I watch basketball on TV I feel like I need to take anxiety pills. Heck, my family won’t even watch games in the same room as me. One aspect of the game that drove me to create the Read & React Offense, is this notion that you must run false offense for a while before trying to score ... Read More »

Importance of Read & React Layer 1: Pass & Cut

Occasionally, I will hear the following phrase from College coaches and even certain levels of High School. It sounds something like this: “When we first began using the Read & React we scored (some or a lot) from Passing & Cutting. But now, we very rarely score with this action. I’m concluding that it’s good for youth teams, etc., but ... Read More »

Creating the Read and React Offense

I was asked recently to speak about the process I went through to create the Read & React. I’ve written on this before, but usually from a standpoint of the problems I was trying to solve. This time I talked about a different aspect of the process. Many coaches think that there are 2 versions: the first one that I ... Read More »