Coaching the Read & React

Absorbing Mistakes

In a previous post, I explained the difference between Spots and Positions. Spots are locations on the floor. Positions imply certain prerequisites that players must meet in order to play in certain locations on the floor. I also explained how our Spots allow players to start any action from anywhere with any player. You’ll never hear the phrase “set it ... Read More »

Set It Up?

When I use the term “Position-Less” to describe the Read & React, I’m not talking about positions on the floor. I’m talking about pigeon-holing players with terms like Point Guard, Two Guard, Strong Forward, Center, or the numbers 1-5. Read & React only needs players – not necessarily any “type” of player. Positions on the floor, something I call SPOTS ... Read More »

Defense Determines Offense

Every athletic contest boils down to “who is going to force who to play who’s game?” But I think using the word FORCE is misleading. Here’s what I mean: When your opponent is bigger and more physical than you, meaning, if you play that type of game, you’re going to lose, then you need to be able to change your ... Read More »

Communicating the Read & React

Here’s the situation. A coaching friend of yours likes what he or she sees in the Read & React. They ask you about it and as you begin to explain, their eyes glass over and you can tell that you’re not connecting. Or, you make an explanation and as soon as they begin to comment or ask questions, you can ... Read More »

Rehearsal: A Different Kind of Practice

I challenge you to try a different mode of practice. I’m assuming that you want your team to play a certain way – let’s assume it’s the Read & React. Then you must PRACTICE playing that way. I know that sounds obvious, but the word “Practice” has taken on a different meaning. It means Player Development and Scouting Walk-throughs, conditioning, ... Read More »

Basketball Positions vs Spots – Part 2

This 2 Part Full Timeout discusses the difference in basketball players designated by positions and spots. Positionless basketball allows you to absorb mistakes within that offense and keep going. Click here for Part 1! Positionless basketball is the future of basketball. In every play a player starts and ends in a spot, in the Read and React a player is ... Read More »

Coaching Duties on the Sideline

One very important thing that I learned during my time in coaching is to ALWAYS be prepared and active during games. Too often I get frustrated while watching basketball games on television or in person and I see assistant coaches sitting court-side barking out orders, empty-handed. The National Basketball Association is the highest level of basketball in the world and is ... Read More »