Coaching the Read & React

Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration : Part 2

When your players move the ball, cut, and move their defenders and have good spacing, you are going to create open space where you can train your ball-handlers to drive called “Real Estate”. With the “Click-Click-Draft” drill, we exaggerate the amount of space normally created so your players can begin to see intelligent driving areas and space.  The terminology of ... Read More »

Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration : Intro

As a coach, I have experienced frustration many times when a player drives to the basket at the most inappropriate time, drives at the correct time only to drive in the wrong direction and directly into a helping defender, or freezes, and does not drive, when there is a clear path to the basket to score.   It was only ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 4

  The last drill we will discuss and diagram in this series to help all players without the ball to learn the reaction habits they need, is called the “Click-Click-Boom” drill.   I picked up the terminology used and name for this drill while working with PGC Basketball – Essentials Course this past summer.  PGC Basketball does a fantastic job of delivering ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 3

  The third drill we are going to discuss and diagram, is the “Attack-Fade-Fill” Drill. I have found that players really like this drill, primarily because I include a shooting machine, The Gun (from and by using this, they get a lot of shots during the drill.  There are multiple ways to set the drill up so you can create ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 2

  In part 1 we talked about why and how to get players to circle move correctly and consistently.  The answer to these questions is daily repetition and drilling.  Now we are are going to talk about the three drills that involve all 5 players that trains the reaction habits. The first drill we will talk about is the “Bounce-Off ... Read More »

Read & React Success – Coach Doug Holden Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of Coach Douglas Holden sharing about the impact of the Read & React Offense for the Mohonasen Girls Basketball Program. Thanks again for sharing, Coach!! – Rick QUESTION #3: How have you changed as a coach? “Wow – it is just my first year as the Mohonasen Head Coach (I have been head coach prior to this ... Read More »