Coping with Defeat

I hated losing when I was a kid and it hasn’t changed now that I am an adult. But losing is a part of life and it is certainly a part of basketball. Without exception, every time two teams take the court, one of them will lose. And this weekend, 48 mens teams lost in the NCAA Tournament, most (if ... Read More »

Indiana Hoosiers – Pistol Flare

Indiana took a page out of the playbook of many NBA teams by running this set early against the Mocs in the NCAA tournament. What makes this action so hard to guard is the quick timing of the handoff to ballscreen, all while the offense is flying down in transition. Read More »

Miami Hurricanes – Roll & Replace Action

Coach Jim Larranaga wants to play up-tempo and score in transition. This year they have concentrated more on getting the ball inside the paint more. Even though it has a modern-day (4 Out) look it still has an old fashion (inside-out) approach to basketball. To execute this plan they use a variety of ball screen type action and roll/replace concepts. ... Read More »