INDIANA STATE CHAMPS: Liberty Christian Boys HS

Here’s another READ & REACT OFFENSE SUCCESS STORY from Liberty Christian High School, a non-denominational Christian school located in Anderson, Indiana! I’ve always felt like “success begets success” and this story is a good illustration! It’s also a great illustration of the power and impact of good coaches! From: Ryan Jackson – Assistant Boys and Head Girls Coach We introduced ... Read More »

Program-Wide Read & React Success!

I love sharing success stories about the impact of The Read & React Offense! Here’s what Coach Fred Bryant – Newberry Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach had to share. This is a great example of what happens when the Read & React is implemented system-wide, then coupled with teaching, commitment and perseverance from the coaching staff. Great job and thanks ... Read More »

Read & React Success – Coach Doug Holden Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of Coach Douglas Holden sharing about the impact of the Read & React Offense for the Mohonasen Girls Basketball Program. Thanks again for sharing, Coach!! – Rick QUESTION #3: How have you changed as a coach? “Wow – it is just my first year as the Mohonasen Head Coach (I have been head coach prior to this ... Read More »

Read & React Success! Coach Doug Holden Part 1

I love sharing success stories about the impact of The Read & React Offense! Here’s the first of two parts from Coach Douglas Holden – Mohonasen Girls Basketball. Thanks for sharing, Coach!! – Rick QUESTION #1: How and where did you first hear about the Read & React? “Basically as the Assistant Head coach for the past 2 seasons – ... Read More »

Year-End Evaluation

As 2016 winds down, here is a powerful exercise to do with your team… Have each player and coach answer the following 3 questions anonymously on index cards. Have them fill one out for every player and coach on the team (so if you have 14 players and 4 coaches, each person will complete 17 of these index cards). PLAYER ... Read More »

13 Ways to Build a Winning Culture

Successful programs have created a palpable culture, sound habits and high standards: Program > Team > Player Players and coaches talk to each other, not at each other. Big difference. No one is perfect. Mistakes will happen on and off the court. Learn from them. Every player and every coach is important to the team and plays a role. Respect ... Read More »