Real Estate With Players In the Post

In the last 3-­part post called “Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration,” we discussed what “Real Estate” is, Reading “Real Estate”, and two ways to create “Real Estate”. But what if you have a player in the post, do you lose the opportunity to create and use “Real Estate”? The answer is no you do not, but you do have to veer away from traditional post player thinking. In traditional post player thinking, the post follows the ball around the perimeter and attempts to continuously fight for position and post. This post,relocate, and repost action normally clogs the lane for cutters and even takes away driving lanes for the ball handler. In the Read & React, we have Layer 2: Pass North­South, Layer 4: Dribble North­-South – Post Reactions, and Layer 9: Extra Decisions – Advanced Post Slides to guide players that are in the post. But it is Layer 6: Post Screens that introduces a principle that will help open the lane and even creates “Real Estate”.  This is only a principle not a rule of the Read & React. You can choose to establish this principle with your entire team, specific players, or not at all. If you choose not to establish this principle be aware that you are losing “Real Estate”, and several other scoring opportunities for your team. Post Principle: If you are going to stay in the post for more than one pass than you must pick a side of the lane and stay on it. You cannot change sides simply because you want to or that the ball is on the other side. You must have a good reason to change sides of the lane. While on the weak­side set screens for cutters exiting the lane and look to set Pin screens. If you are in the short corner or high post on ball­side, only flash to the mid post off the tail of a cutter. If you are in the mid-post on ball­side, you are going to receive the ball (layer 2) or screen for cutters. Once you have established the post principle, “Real Estate” will open up many more scoring opportunities than without the principle. The principle also allows you to teach a post player the right times to change sides of the lane when they are on the weak­side post spots. Two good reasons for a player in the post to change sides of the lane would be if they receive an Invitation screen from a cutter or to flash to an open area to help a teammate being trapped. You can find a deeper explanation of post screens ... Read More »

Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration : Part 3

  A clever ball handler that wants to drive to the basket can create “Real Estate” for themselves by simply Dribbling-At a teammate.  The teammate cutting to the basket, creates the opportunity for for the ball handler to “Draft Drive”.   By training ball-handlers using the “At-At-Draft” drill, ball-handlers can learn  larger than normal “Real Estate” occurs.   This large ... Read More »

Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration : Part 2

When your players move the ball, cut, and move their defenders and have good spacing, you are going to create open space where you can train your ball-handlers to drive called “Real Estate”. With the “Click-Click-Draft” drill, we exaggerate the amount of space normally created so your players can begin to see intelligent driving areas and space.  The terminology of ... Read More »

Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration : Intro

As a coach, I have experienced frustration many times when a player drives to the basket at the most inappropriate time, drives at the correct time only to drive in the wrong direction and directly into a helping defender, or freezes, and does not drive, when there is a clear path to the basket to score.   It was only ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 4

  The last drill we will discuss and diagram in this series to help all players without the ball to learn the reaction habits they need, is called the “Click-Click-Boom” drill.   I picked up the terminology used and name for this drill while working with PGC Basketball – Essentials Course this past summer.  PGC Basketball does a fantastic job of delivering ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 3

  The third drill we are going to discuss and diagram, is the “Attack-Fade-Fill” Drill. I have found that players really like this drill, primarily because I include a shooting machine, The Gun (from and by using this, they get a lot of shots during the drill.  There are multiple ways to set the drill up so you can create ... Read More »

Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 2

  In part 1 we talked about why and how to get players to circle move correctly and consistently.  The answer to these questions is daily repetition and drilling.  Now we are are going to talk about the three drills that involve all 5 players that trains the reaction habits. The first drill we will talk about is the “Bounce-Off ... Read More »