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Leaving a Legacy

Do you know what you want your coaching legacy to be? The fact is you will leave a legacy when you stop coaching. The only question is: what will that legacy be? Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide what kind of legacy you want to leave. These 3 sets of 3 questions will get you thinking about how ... Read More »

Five Ways to Become the “Go-To” Coach on your Staff

Every coach on a staff has a role (sometimes more than one), but the key to a successful staff is the presence is a “go-to” coach. This is not the coach who everyone dumps work on, but rather the coach everyone looks to in times of adversity. The coach everyone knows they can count on for help both professionally and ... Read More »

6 Tips for Coaches in Any Sport

As the head boy’s basketball coach at Crystal Lake Central (Crystal Lake, IL), I have used Krossover to break down and analyze our game film for several years now. Since switching to Krossover, it has made me a better coach because of the additional hours I have per game to plan and practice what is seen in the film, rather ... Read More »

April 3 – Getting to Know the CEO

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Back in November, CEO of Better Basketball Rich Czeslawski had the pleasure to record a podcast with Winning Youth Coaching. The recording is 41 straight minutes of thought-provoking nuggets that will make you a better coach and person after listening. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the episode, but don’t take my word for it; listen to it ... Read More »

March 13: Building a Legacy

Legacy is a word that gets thrown around fairly frequently these days. Too often, the word surfaces after someone passes away or retires from a long career. It would seem, however, that if it is what you are going to be remembered for, you would want to give it some thought at the beginning of your career. A coach’s legacy ... Read More »

The Last Postgame Speech

Every coach goes through it. You spend months working with a group of players to mold and shape a season. Countless hours go into designing plays and drills to help the team succeed. The time spent always has ups and downs, but through it all the team becomes a family. A special group that, in its current form, ultimately has ... Read More »